Ex-Irish NFL player accused of smashing man’s skull in a bar fight

Talley (left) recovers a fumble

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Ronald Talley continues to baffle me. The former Irish player has been named in a lawsuit regarding a bar-fight in Detroit, but before we get to the details, a brief profile of Talley for those who may not remember him:

After being red-shirted at Notre Dame his freshman year, he quickly worked his way into the rotation, seeing significant minutes until he ultimately started a couple games at the end of his sophomore (redshirt freshman) year. Though he was admittedly stuck behind future 2nd round draft pick Victor Abiamiri, had he stuck it out he would have potentially played for 2 years as the top dog after Abiamiri graduated. However, impatiently demanding more playing time, he quit the team halfway through the 2006 season, transferring to the University of Delaware…where he still only started 8 of 12 games.

After going undrafted, Talley was cut twice by the Green Bay Packers, but not before being featured in Ryan Pickett’s audition for BJ Raji’s dance crew (must have been in a preseason game):

Discount Double Check!! (Talley is #95 in the center)

Talley finally made a team in the Arizona Cardinals in 2010, and has been wavering between practice squad and in-game bench warmer ever since. Which brings us to the matter at hand:

A man from Birmingham, Michigan (neighboring city to Detroit), claims that he got into an altercation with Talley near the restroom in a local bar, which ended when Talley smashed a champagne bottle over the man’s head and (with the bouncer’s help) dragged the man into the alley outside the bar. In addition to 13 staples in his head, the man appears to have suffered potential brain damage, as he has experienced some degree of memory loss. So far, I’ve been unable to find the extremely important detail of whether they simply left the man bleeding in an alley or not, but I’ll keep an ear to the ground. 

Talley claims he is shocked by the allegations, but refused to make any comments, immediately insisting that he talk to his lawyer before speaking on the matter, which lead me to believe that he isn’t that shocked, but who knows.

Ah, Detroit. There are no words.