Domer Mariel Zagunis selected to carry U.S. flag for Olympic Opening Ceremony

Former Notre Dame fencing star and 2-time Olympic gold medalist Mariel Zagunis has been voted by Team USA to carry the American flag at the Opening Ceremonies this Friday. While we’ll be taking a closer look at all the Domers competing in the Olympics tomorrow, Zagunis receiving such an honor is worthy of special-mention. Zagunis, a former resident of Pasquerilla East Hall, will be seeking her 3rd consecutive gold medal after shocking the world at the Athens Games in 2004, winning gold as an alternate allowed to compete only when a Nigerian fencer dropped out of competition. Congratulations to Mariel – we wish her luck as she tries to defend her title in Olympic sabre.

Zagunis was the first American to win gold in fencing in over 100 years.


Video: ND Coaches ask boosters to stop contacting recruits

Other than how far apart hockey coach Jeff Jackson’s eyes are, I have only one takeaway from this video: ND boosters have been contacting recruits. YES!!!!!!! If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past several years, its that programs with good boosters (USC, Ohio State, the entire SEC) tend to be in championship contention. And there’s a simple explanation: having good boosters is how you get great players. Mike Brey is saying this because he has to give the appearance of not wanting boosters, but we know better. All the best basketball players are only in the NCAA for one year, so they go where they’ll have the most fun, and boosters are a part of that. Saints like Manti Te’o are few and far between. You must have noticed Brian Kelly’s absence from the video: you know he likes the boosters. I give all ND boosters the offical Rockne’s Ramlers stamp of approval. Just don’t get caught – which shouldn’t be so hard if the SEC alums can pull it off, right? Go Irish.

Tommy Rees pleads guilty: Some suggestions for his community service…

After being arrested as he fled a party in May, Tommy Rees was scheduled to appear in court on July 24th. However, on Monday (July 23rd), a suited-up Rees walked into a confused courtroom to make his plea a day early. He claims that his lawyer told him the wrong date, and we won’t dwell on it (didn’t it seem weird that his lawyer wasn’t there?)… just chalk it up as a classic Rees miscue.


In any case, Rees pleaded guilty to two charges (minor consumption and resisting arrest), both misdemeanors, and was sentenced to 330 days of probation and 50 hours of community service. He will also be forced to write an apologetic letter to the officer he kneed as he fled. However, we’re most interested in how Tommy Rees will serve his 50 hours of community service. SBPD may already have some ideas, but we nonetheless took the liberty of crafting a list of possible tasks for Mr. Rees:

  1. Standing guard at the Goog in case Gary Gray tries to pick up an application for a 5th year – he does have 1 year of eligibility left… *shudders*
  2. Help clean up the destruction at the old site of Club 23
  3. Watch his game film with Jon Gruden (it was painful for me the first time, I can’t imagine watching it with Gruden trashing you the whole time)
  4. Sober chauffeur for the rest of the football team (and personal DD for Michael Floyd when he’s in town)
  5. Moderate disputes at room picks for every girls dorm on campus.
  6. Star in the next commercial for Club Landing, South Bend’s premiere club for middle-aged women
  7. Live in Zahm
  8. Live in Carroll (Edit: suggestion retracted – even Tommy doesn’t deserve this. He’s not Jerry Sandusky)
  9. Be featured on SportsCenter defending Lou Holtz’s inevitable prediction of 12-0, national champs, against Mark May.
  10. RIDE THE BENCH. 12 games, ~3hrs each =36hrs. That means he can sit out every game this season and still have time left over. Please, Tommy. Please.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment – we’d love to hear them.

ND Football Equipment: New Gloves

Notre Dame equipment manager Ryan Grooms tweeted a photo of Notre Dame’s new football gloves:

Personally, I still like the Leprechaun ones the most, but these are still pretty cool.

Video: ND Women’s Basketball starts “The Muffet” dance craze

ND women’s coach Muffet McGraw, one of the sport’s most dominant and respected coaches, received a monstrous 10-year contract extension earlier this month. In honor of Muffet’s success, we’re bringing back a video published last year by the ND Women’s players, who were apparently very excited to show off their expertise with the “special effects” buttons on their webcam. A couple concerns with this one:

1. Who sang the “ooooh” sample they use at the start? My guess: Devereaux Peters. [sidenote on the link: Skylar’s really got a set of pipes! What is she not good at? But Dev’s bit is just classic.]

2. Where is Skylar Diggins? Her absence is glaring, but luckily our girl Natalie Achonwa provides the star power this one needs to compete with “the Dougie” and our absolute favorite: “The Cat Daddy”

note: turn off HD so it doesn’t lag if your computer is slow

Video: Notre Dame Leprechaun on SportsCenter Commercial

A couple weeks ago, Notre Dame Leprechaun Mike George was featured in ESPN’s “This is Sportscenter” series of commercials, drawing the luckiest co-star imaginable in Olympic goddess and Maxim model, Natalie Coughlin. Though I’m glad Mike got his moment in the spotlight, I wish ESPN had come up with the idea a year from now, when Siegfried’s own Bryce Burton would have been nibbling on Coughlin’s medal. Oh well, funny nonetheless.

Natalie Achonwa: Olympic Bound

ND Women’s basketball player Natalie Achonwa is headed to the Olympics as representative of the Canadian national Team.

Natalie is an awesome person who is very well grounded in her values. She resided in Cavanaugh Hall and  actually talked to me  last year. A pretty big deal for this nerdy engineer. Ace, as she is known to her teammates in South Bend, is pumped for the opportunity to play for her country. Good Luck Natalie from all the Irish Nation.  I hope you can grab the silver medal losing to the USA. haha

Binge Song: Ai Se Eu Te Pego

This song and dance is amazing. If you don’t believe me, 400 million of my friends on youtube would beg to differ.

Farewell, Club 23

One of Notre Dame’s oldest, dirtiest, dive bars has finally served its last drink. Club 23, shown above, was torn down this week after closing it’s doors in April. Club 23, which has seen a severe decline in popularity since two Notre Dame students were shot outside the bar in 2007, lost it’s former monopoly on Monday nights as bars like Brother’s started to move into the South Bend area. Though current ND students may not have much of an attachment to the dive-bar, alumni seem to be pretty broken up about it, so for their sake, RIP.

Report: Notre Dame working on securing long-term Orange Bowl slot

Who would suspect this man of being a diabolical genius?

Earlier this month, the ACC agreed to a 12-year tie-in with the Orange Bowl. The contract ensures that the ACC league champion will be guaranteed a slot on one of college football’s biggest stages (unless they make the 4-team playoff, in which case the runner-up will go, and so forth). However, as of now, there is not a 2nd conference “tied-in” to the other Orange Bowl slot, giving Jack “the Godfather” Swarbrick the perfect opportunity to manipulate the BCS in Notre Dame’s favor.

Last week, Notre Dame officials confirmed that they were engaged in talks regarding a tie-in to the Orange Bowl. Such a provision would mean that if Notre Dame finished with a good enough record/ranking (depending on the deal), but did not make the 4-team playoff, the Irish would be guaranteed a slot in the Orange Bowl. Orange Bowl officials are obviously open to the idea as they salivate at the TV ratings that come with the Irish fan base, but the deal could also be a huge win for ND’s program. I would love to see the Irish facing the same conference every (successful) year, rather than bouncing around from bowl to bowl like in past years.

Please send the band to Miami. I’m gonna need a break from the South Bend winter.

It should be noted that the entire Big East CONFERENCE, one of the major college football leagues, does not have an automatic tie-in to  one of the 4 huge BCS games. But, of course, Notre Dame is working on having its own, personal tie-in. I love it. Swarbrick seems to have the entire NCAA in his back pocket, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. If this deal materializes, it will only give Irish-haters more ammo, but they’re just jealous that they don’t have Mac-Daddy Swarbrick on their team. Bring it on. Orange Bowl, here we (hopefully) come!