Video: Melissa Tancredi stomps on US Player’s head during Olympic soccer game

As a student at ND, I’d like to be the first to officially disown former Irish standout, Melissa Tancredi. Not only did she play for Canada against the US (strike 1), she got away with stomping on Carli Lloyd’s face (strike 2), and then COMPLAINED THAT THE REFS LET AMERICA GET AWAY WITH TOO MUCH. (strikes 3,4,&5).

When asked what she said in a heated in-game exchange with a ref: “I hope you can sleep tonight and put on your American jersey because that’s who you played for today. I was honest.”

Now, as a lifelong Tennessee Titans fan, I have experience in the realm of face-stomping in professional sports. Actually, Big Al Haynesworth has tormented the lives of both me and my Redskins-affiliated colleague. As such, one could say that we are more likely than most to let such a heinous act slide . But she didn’t just stomp on a player’s face. She stomped on an American player’s face. If you stomp on America’s face (transitive property), I can never let it go. So, Ms. Tancredi, to put it lightly, I hope you get trampled by Mounties. Also, a collective “suck it” from America, especially from the two American Irish Olympic soccer players, who not only beat you in that game, but also won a gold medal.


Also this. (NSFW)

On a similar note, an equally strong “suck it” to the Argentinian basketball player who punched Carmelo Anthony in the groin, though given Kevin Love’s assault of Argentinian player Luis Scola last NBA season (more face stomps!), I can let that one slide as retaliation.