Michigan week: Fired up

So as one or more of you may kno, this week is Michigan week. So in honor of this, we are trying to get ND fans excited for this game. Our fellow Domer D’Montayne wrote a song to get all the ND fans out there excited. If that doesn’t work then another video might fulfill your appetite.

Happy to have a fellow Domer trying to get the word out that we are good again.

As if that wasn’t enough for you, another pump up video has been found…. prepare yourself.

AHHHH!!!!! Get Ready. BEAT MICHIGAN!!!!


Video: Get Amped!

Not to be outdone by my colleague who doesn’t have class to attend. I searched and found another video, not as long but just as hype. This weekend is going to be out of control. Fighting Irish Dr is gonna be packed early and all weekend. Get ready everybody!