Report: South Bend to rename Michigan Avenue

The mayor of South Bend has decided to join in the fun that is Michigan Sucks week. As those who have been to South Bend know, one of the main drives through downtown South Bend is disgraced with the name “Michigan Avenue.” After years of ignorance, the mayor appears to have realized this blunder, and renamed the street “Fighting Irish Drive” this morning at an official unveiling.

Unfortunately, the change appears to be temporary intended to make Michigan fans feel even less welcome when they come to town, which is all well and good, but hopefully this will serve as the first step towards abolishing Michigan Avenue permanently.

It’s 2:15pm on September 18, its raining on ND’s campus, and Michigan still sucks.


Farewell, Club 23

One of Notre Dame’s oldest, dirtiest, dive bars has finally served its last drink. Club 23, shown above, was torn down this week after closing it’s doors in April. Club 23, which has seen a severe decline in popularity since two Notre Dame students were shot outside the bar in 2007, lost it’s former monopoly on Monday nights as bars like Brother’s started to move into the South Bend area. Though current ND students may not have much of an attachment to the dive-bar, alumni seem to be pretty broken up about it, so for their sake, RIP.