Video: Get Amped!

Not to be outdone by my colleague who doesn’t have class to attend. I searched and found another video, not as long but just as hype. This weekend is going to be out of control. Fighting Irish Dr is gonna be packed early and all weekend. Get ready everybody!



Report: South Bend to rename Michigan Avenue

The mayor of South Bend has decided to join in the fun that is Michigan Sucks week. As those who have been to South Bend know, one of the main drives through downtown South Bend is disgraced with the name “Michigan Avenue.” After years of ignorance, the mayor appears to have realized this blunder, and renamed the street “Fighting Irish Drive” this morning at an official unveiling.

Unfortunately, the change appears to be temporary intended to make Michigan fans feel even less welcome when they come to town, which is all well and good, but hopefully this will serve as the first step towards abolishing Michigan Avenue permanently.

It’s 2:15pm on September 18, its raining on ND’s campus, and Michigan still sucks.

Video: It’s Michigan Week

In his press conference about ND’s move to the ACC, Mac Daddy Swarbrick claimed that our most valued rivalry was with USC because it brings ND to the West Coast.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

USC sucks, and beating MSU was awesome, but no school is quite as despicable as Michigan. Being front row last year as Gary Gray torpedoed our chance to ruin Michigan’s first night game will go down as one of the most devastating experiences of my life. So let’s just get one thing straight.

We hate Michigan. Maize is the most cowardly shade of yellow.

In any case, I’m usually skeptical of the “fan-made pump up video” trend on Youtube lately, but after watching this one, I’m more psyched than I was when Gary Gray graduated.

Go Irish.

Silver Lining: Cierre Wood has more time to make rap songs

Around two years ago, Armando Allen and Jamoris Slaughter formed a rap group named D-Season, which allegedly stands for “Dinosaur Season”, to reflect the fact that they’re “eating everyone up in the rap game”. Sweet. Unfortunately, since both have since graduated, there is a power void in the Notre Dame rap game – a void which Cierre Wood, a.k.a. C-Dub, a featured rapper on some of D-season’s songs, is primed to fill now that he can’t play football.

Yes, this is a real thing. A Notre Dame football rap group. Check them 0ut:

Our favorite song – by far – is “White Friends”. Thats us!!!

Video: Melissa Tancredi stomps on US Player’s head during Olympic soccer game

As a student at ND, I’d like to be the first to officially disown former Irish standout, Melissa Tancredi. Not only did she play for Canada against the US (strike 1), she got away with stomping on Carli Lloyd’s face (strike 2), and then COMPLAINED THAT THE REFS LET AMERICA GET AWAY WITH TOO MUCH. (strikes 3,4,&5).

When asked what she said in a heated in-game exchange with a ref: “I hope you can sleep tonight and put on your American jersey because that’s who you played for today. I was honest.”

Now, as a lifelong Tennessee Titans fan, I have experience in the realm of face-stomping in professional sports. Actually, Big Al Haynesworth has tormented the lives of both me and my Redskins-affiliated colleague. As such, one could say that we are more likely than most to let such a heinous act slide . But she didn’t just stomp on a player’s face. She stomped on an American player’s face. If you stomp on America’s face (transitive property), I can never let it go. So, Ms. Tancredi, to put it lightly, I hope you get trampled by Mounties. Also, a collective “suck it” from America, especially from the two American Irish Olympic soccer players, who not only beat you in that game, but also won a gold medal.


Also this. (NSFW)

On a similar note, an equally strong “suck it” to the Argentinian basketball player who punched Carmelo Anthony in the groin, though given Kevin Love’s assault of Argentinian player Luis Scola last NBA season (more face stomps!), I can let that one slide as retaliation.

Video: ND Coaches ask boosters to stop contacting recruits

Other than how far apart hockey coach Jeff Jackson’s eyes are, I have only one takeaway from this video: ND boosters have been contacting recruits. YES!!!!!!! If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past several years, its that programs with good boosters (USC, Ohio State, the entire SEC) tend to be in championship contention. And there’s a simple explanation: having good boosters is how you get great players. Mike Brey is saying this because he has to give the appearance of not wanting boosters, but we know better. All the best basketball players are only in the NCAA for one year, so they go where they’ll have the most fun, and boosters are a part of that. Saints like Manti Te’o are few and far between. You must have noticed Brian Kelly’s absence from the video: you know he likes the boosters. I give all ND boosters the offical Rockne’s Ramlers stamp of approval. Just don’t get caught – which shouldn’t be so hard if the SEC alums can pull it off, right? Go Irish.

Video: ND Women’s Basketball starts “The Muffet” dance craze

ND women’s coach Muffet McGraw, one of the sport’s most dominant and respected coaches, received a monstrous 10-year contract extension earlier this month. In honor of Muffet’s success, we’re bringing back a video published last year by the ND Women’s players, who were apparently very excited to show off their expertise with the “special effects” buttons on their webcam. A couple concerns with this one:

1. Who sang the “ooooh” sample they use at the start? My guess: Devereaux Peters. [sidenote on the link: Skylar’s really got a set of pipes! What is she not good at? But Dev’s bit is just classic.]

2. Where is Skylar Diggins? Her absence is glaring, but luckily our girl Natalie Achonwa provides the star power this one needs to compete with “the Dougie” and our absolute favorite: “The Cat Daddy”

note: turn off HD so it doesn’t lag if your computer is slow

Video: Notre Dame Leprechaun on SportsCenter Commercial

A couple weeks ago, Notre Dame Leprechaun Mike George was featured in ESPN’s “This is Sportscenter” series of commercials, drawing the luckiest co-star imaginable in Olympic goddess and Maxim model, Natalie Coughlin. Though I’m glad Mike got his moment in the spotlight, I wish ESPN had come up with the idea a year from now, when Siegfried’s own Bryce Burton would have been nibbling on Coughlin’s medal. Oh well, funny nonetheless.

Binge Song: Ai Se Eu Te Pego

This song and dance is amazing. If you don’t believe me, 400 million of my friends on youtube would beg to differ.

Farewell, Club 23

One of Notre Dame’s oldest, dirtiest, dive bars has finally served its last drink. Club 23, shown above, was torn down this week after closing it’s doors in April. Club 23, which has seen a severe decline in popularity since two Notre Dame students were shot outside the bar in 2007, lost it’s former monopoly on Monday nights as bars like Brother’s started to move into the South Bend area. Though current ND students may not have much of an attachment to the dive-bar, alumni seem to be pretty broken up about it, so for their sake, RIP.