This Just in the Cubs Suck: Samardzija is ok

As the Cubs languish in 2nd to last and the W flag remains unused for weeks at a time. Cubs fans can be happy about the fact that ND stud Jeff Samardzija is actually doing ok. Being a Nationals fan I am ecstatic about the current season but in South Bend there are quite a few Cub fans. I’m sorry for that. Samardzija is leading the team in WHIP and second in Wins with 8, that is half of the league leaders. Ouch. BUT a huge bonus for Jeff is that he is among the league leaders in flow.

Anyways, in your face Cubs fans. Hope Theo can GM his way out of another curse, but only after the Nationals win a couple.


Cierre Wood Suspended… well that sucks

So today many people including the critically acclaimed Bleacher Report have mentioned that Cierre Wood is not making the trip to Ireland. $***. For those of you that don’t follow football. He’s good. Somehow both writers of this blog are making it to the game and the starting running back is not. I guess that gives him a little more time to work on his rap career. So basically putting our hopes  and dreams into Everett Golson and Tyler Eifert. Eifert is a thug… in a good way and will most likely run over the undersized midshipmen and carry four or five into the endzone on every play. Manti and the defense has to step it up as Lo Wood is also out.

Notre Dame has NO WOOD!!

PS Justin Utupo is also suspended… both violated team rules


Hello there,

There’s already a handful of Notre Dame football sites out there, to say the least. However, we feel that there is a lack of attention to other Irish sports which are often more successful than the football program. Now, we will obviously still talk about football, especially now that the team’s future is looking up since the graduation of secondary saboteur and bane of my existence, Gary Gray.

“Oh shit, they ran a corner fade! Again!”

We’re tired of reading news articles summarized by boring old alumni, and hope to offer a more entertaining take on Our Lady’s University. As current students living in Siegfried Hall, we also boast the closest physical proximity to Irish Athletics out of any other ND news source in America! Suck it, NBC.

In conclusion, we’ll just be writing about whatever Notre Dame topics interest us, so don’t expect too regular of a schedule from our posting. With one exception – every Friday we will have the Tweet of the Week, in which we will choose the most outrageous quotes from ND athletes that we can find.