Video: Get Amped!

Not to be outdone by my colleague who doesn’t have class to attend. I searched and found another video, not as long but just as hype. This weekend is going to be out of control. Fighting Irish Dr is gonna be packed early and all weekend. Get ready everybody!



Report: South Bend to rename Michigan Avenue

The mayor of South Bend has decided to join in the fun that is Michigan Sucks week. As those who have been to South Bend know, one of the main drives through downtown South Bend is disgraced with the name “Michigan Avenue.” After years of ignorance, the mayor appears to have realized this blunder, and renamed the street “Fighting Irish Drive” this morning at an official unveiling.

Unfortunately, the change appears to be temporary intended to make Michigan fans feel even less welcome when they come to town, which is all well and good, but hopefully this will serve as the first step towards abolishing Michigan Avenue permanently.

It’s 2:15pm on September 18, its raining on ND’s campus, and Michigan still sucks.

Video: It’s Michigan Week

In his press conference about ND’s move to the ACC, Mac Daddy Swarbrick claimed that our most valued rivalry was with USC because it brings ND to the West Coast.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

USC sucks, and beating MSU was awesome, but no school is quite as despicable as Michigan. Being front row last year as Gary Gray torpedoed our chance to ruin Michigan’s first night game will go down as one of the most devastating experiences of my life. So let’s just get one thing straight.

We hate Michigan. Maize is the most cowardly shade of yellow.

In any case, I’m usually skeptical of the “fan-made pump up video” trend on Youtube lately, but after watching this one, I’m more psyched than I was when Gary Gray graduated.

Go Irish.

Silver Lining: Cierre Wood has more time to make rap songs

Around two years ago, Armando Allen and Jamoris Slaughter formed a rap group named D-Season, which allegedly stands for “Dinosaur Season”, to reflect the fact that they’re “eating everyone up in the rap game”. Sweet. Unfortunately, since both have since graduated, there is a power void in the Notre Dame rap game – a void which Cierre Wood, a.k.a. C-Dub, a featured rapper on some of D-season’s songs, is primed to fill now that he can’t play football.

Yes, this is a real thing. A Notre Dame football rap group. Check them 0ut:

Our favorite song – by far – is “White Friends”. Thats us!!!

Cierre Wood Suspended… well that sucks

So today many people including the critically acclaimed Bleacher Report have mentioned that Cierre Wood is not making the trip to Ireland. $***. For those of you that don’t follow football. He’s good. Somehow both writers of this blog are making it to the game and the starting running back is not. I guess that gives him a little more time to work on his rap career. So basically putting our hopes  and dreams into Everett Golson and Tyler Eifert. Eifert is a thug… in a good way and will most likely run over the undersized midshipmen and carry four or five into the endzone on every play. Manti and the defense has to step it up as Lo Wood is also out.

Notre Dame has NO WOOD!!

PS Justin Utupo is also suspended… both violated team rules

Ex-Irish NFL player accused of smashing man’s skull in a bar fight

Talley (left) recovers a fumble

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Ronald Talley continues to baffle me. The former Irish player has been named in a lawsuit regarding a bar-fight in Detroit, but before we get to the details, a brief profile of Talley for those who may not remember him:

After being red-shirted at Notre Dame his freshman year, he quickly worked his way into the rotation, seeing significant minutes until he ultimately started a couple games at the end of his sophomore (redshirt freshman) year. Though he was admittedly stuck behind future 2nd round draft pick Victor Abiamiri, had he stuck it out he would have potentially played for 2 years as the top dog after Abiamiri graduated. However, impatiently demanding more playing time, he quit the team halfway through the 2006 season, transferring to the University of Delaware…where he still only started 8 of 12 games.

After going undrafted, Talley was cut twice by the Green Bay Packers, but not before being featured in Ryan Pickett’s audition for BJ Raji’s dance crew (must have been in a preseason game):

Discount Double Check!! (Talley is #95 in the center)

Talley finally made a team in the Arizona Cardinals in 2010, and has been wavering between practice squad and in-game bench warmer ever since. Which brings us to the matter at hand:

A man from Birmingham, Michigan (neighboring city to Detroit), claims that he got into an altercation with Talley near the restroom in a local bar, which ended when Talley smashed a champagne bottle over the man’s head and (with the bouncer’s help) dragged the man into the alley outside the bar. In addition to 13 staples in his head, the man appears to have suffered potential brain damage, as he has experienced some degree of memory loss. So far, I’ve been unable to find the extremely important detail of whether they simply left the man bleeding in an alley or not, but I’ll keep an ear to the ground. 

Talley claims he is shocked by the allegations, but refused to make any comments, immediately insisting that he talk to his lawyer before speaking on the matter, which lead me to believe that he isn’t that shocked, but who knows.

Ah, Detroit. There are no words.

Tommy Rees pleads guilty: Some suggestions for his community service…

After being arrested as he fled a party in May, Tommy Rees was scheduled to appear in court on July 24th. However, on Monday (July 23rd), a suited-up Rees walked into a confused courtroom to make his plea a day early. He claims that his lawyer told him the wrong date, and we won’t dwell on it (didn’t it seem weird that his lawyer wasn’t there?)… just chalk it up as a classic Rees miscue.


In any case, Rees pleaded guilty to two charges (minor consumption and resisting arrest), both misdemeanors, and was sentenced to 330 days of probation and 50 hours of community service. He will also be forced to write an apologetic letter to the officer he kneed as he fled. However, we’re most interested in how Tommy Rees will serve his 50 hours of community service. SBPD may already have some ideas, but we nonetheless took the liberty of crafting a list of possible tasks for Mr. Rees:

  1. Standing guard at the Goog in case Gary Gray tries to pick up an application for a 5th year – he does have 1 year of eligibility left… *shudders*
  2. Help clean up the destruction at the old site of Club 23
  3. Watch his game film with Jon Gruden (it was painful for me the first time, I can’t imagine watching it with Gruden trashing you the whole time)
  4. Sober chauffeur for the rest of the football team (and personal DD for Michael Floyd when he’s in town)
  5. Moderate disputes at room picks for every girls dorm on campus.
  6. Star in the next commercial for Club Landing, South Bend’s premiere club for middle-aged women
  7. Live in Zahm
  8. Live in Carroll (Edit: suggestion retracted – even Tommy doesn’t deserve this. He’s not Jerry Sandusky)
  9. Be featured on SportsCenter defending Lou Holtz’s inevitable prediction of 12-0, national champs, against Mark May.
  10. RIDE THE BENCH. 12 games, ~3hrs each =36hrs. That means he can sit out every game this season and still have time left over. Please, Tommy. Please.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment – we’d love to hear them.

ND Football Equipment: New Gloves

Notre Dame equipment manager Ryan Grooms tweeted a photo of Notre Dame’s new football gloves:

Personally, I still like the Leprechaun ones the most, but these are still pretty cool.

Report: Notre Dame working on securing long-term Orange Bowl slot

Who would suspect this man of being a diabolical genius?

Earlier this month, the ACC agreed to a 12-year tie-in with the Orange Bowl. The contract ensures that the ACC league champion will be guaranteed a slot on one of college football’s biggest stages (unless they make the 4-team playoff, in which case the runner-up will go, and so forth). However, as of now, there is not a 2nd conference “tied-in” to the other Orange Bowl slot, giving Jack “the Godfather” Swarbrick the perfect opportunity to manipulate the BCS in Notre Dame’s favor.

Last week, Notre Dame officials confirmed that they were engaged in talks regarding a tie-in to the Orange Bowl. Such a provision would mean that if Notre Dame finished with a good enough record/ranking (depending on the deal), but did not make the 4-team playoff, the Irish would be guaranteed a slot in the Orange Bowl. Orange Bowl officials are obviously open to the idea as they salivate at the TV ratings that come with the Irish fan base, but the deal could also be a huge win for ND’s program. I would love to see the Irish facing the same conference every (successful) year, rather than bouncing around from bowl to bowl like in past years.

Please send the band to Miami. I’m gonna need a break from the South Bend winter.

It should be noted that the entire Big East CONFERENCE, one of the major college football leagues, does not have an automatic tie-in to  one of the 4 huge BCS games. But, of course, Notre Dame is working on having its own, personal tie-in. I love it. Swarbrick seems to have the entire NCAA in his back pocket, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. If this deal materializes, it will only give Irish-haters more ammo, but they’re just jealous that they don’t have Mac-Daddy Swarbrick on their team. Bring it on. Orange Bowl, here we (hopefully) come!

Report: Lebron James was offered a Notre Dame football scholarship

It’s no secret that NBA star Lebron James is arguably the most freakishly athletic human ever to walk the face of the Earth. At 6’9”, weighing 250 lbs of pure muscle, he is among both the strongest and fastest players, not only in the NBA, but in all of sports.

With his insane athletic ability, it’s no surprise that as a high school football player, he annihilated his competition in similar fashion to the unfortunate souls whom he dunks on in basketball (*ahem* John Lucas III), making first team All-State in his sophomore and junior years.

Apparently, the Notre Dame coaching staff was well aware of Lebron’s unparalleled ability, as CBS Sports reported earlier today that Urban Meyer (or as he’s better known to Irish fans, Satan) offered him a scholarship to Notre Dame when James was in high school:

“I offered him a scholarship when he was a sophomore in high school at St. Vincent St. Mary’s,” Meyer said. “I was at Notre Dame. He was a receiver, and I was a receiver’s coach.”

I refuse to give Meyer any credit here in the talent scouting department because, I mean, come on. LOOK at Lebron. You think he maybe could have been good at football? Yeah, me too.

Just think of the possibilities! I mean, he was at a Catholic high school! What if he had played both football and basketball for the Irish? We could have turned both programs around completely with Lebron as our only notable talent.

Unfortunately, the above video claims that before he chose basketball, he narrowed his choices to Miami, USC, Michigan, and Ohio State. Could he have picked 4 more despicable so-called learning institutions? Just as Lebron was winning me over, I find this out…

Go to hell. You too, Urban Meyer.

[*thinks a moment*]

Especially you, Urban Meyer.