Nine Domers to compete in Olympics

Before I get into this – one note about the Opening Ceremony (well, several notes, but I only have time for one). Paul McCartney’s performance. At the Olympics, an international event symbolizing peace and global unity, WHY play “Hey Jude”??? I mean, I love the song, but in this context, isn’t it painfully obvious that he should have played “Come Together” (instead of the Arctic Monkeys) or “Give Peace a Chance”? Come on.

Team USA star Shannon Boxx (right)

Anyways, with the 2012 London Olympic Games starting last night, we figured we should take a look at all those connected to Notre Dame who would be competing. The Irish have nine athletes who will be partaking in this year’s games (though not all for Team USA) and without further ado, here they are:

Team USA

Mariel Zagunis (fencing – foil) – We already covered Zagunis’ honor as flag-bearer at the Opening Ceremony here. But to rehash, Zagunis has won the last two gold medals in fencing (foil), the first coming when she snuck into the competition as an alternate and upset every opponent on the way to gold. She is, obviously, one of the favorites to win gold again this year

Shannon Box (women’s soccer) – Also a two-time gold medalist, Boxx plays midfield for Team USA women’s soccer. After winning a national championship for the Irish in 1995, she has gone on to be one of the best players in the world, being nominated for FIFA Player of the Year in 2005. At age 35, this may be her last Olympics, so we wish her luck as Team USA, the favorites again this year, seek another gold.

Molly Huddle (distance running) – Huddle (’07) will be competing in the 5000 meter race. While not necessarily a favorite to medal (damn Ethiopians), she did set the American record for the event in 2008 with a time of 14:44.76.

Courtney Hurley (fencing – epee) – Hurley is still in her senior year at Notre Dame, and while she, too, is not favored to medal, she is #1 in her event (fencing – epee) in the United States.

Lee Keifer (fencing – foil) – At age 18, Keifer is an incoming freshman at ND. Since I’m a bit late on getting this list out, she has actually been eliminated already in the quarterfinals today. However, she could still medal as she is competing in the foil team event (with Zagunis), and obviously has a bright future with several more Olympics ahead.

Team “America’s Hat” 


Natalie Achonwa (women’s basketball) – we’ve already talked about Achonwa as well, but, sadly, Canada was also eliminated from the tournament earlier today, losing to Russia 58-53. Though Canada’s coach blamed the loss on Canada’s “best post player” being in foul trouble, resulting in too many minutes for Achonwa, I’d suggest the opposite – Achonwa didn’t play enough. Still only 19 year old, she’ll certainly be back next Olympics, and hopefully the coach will get her act together and just feed Natalie in the post. All game.

Melissa Tancredi & Candace Chapman (women’s soccer) –  Chapman, a defender, and Tancredi, a forward, will be hoping to topple the favorited Team USA. We hope that they fail, but if they can make it to the championship without encountering the Americans, we’d be happy for them to get a silver medal.

Team Nigeria

Selim Nurudeen (men’s hurdles) – Nurudeen will be running in the men’s 110 meter hurdles. A dominant runner in the African Championships (silver in 2010), he, too, is not favorited to medal. But again, we hope he beats everyone except the Americans – good luck.


Video: ND Women’s Basketball starts “The Muffet” dance craze

ND women’s coach Muffet McGraw, one of the sport’s most dominant and respected coaches, received a monstrous 10-year contract extension earlier this month. In honor of Muffet’s success, we’re bringing back a video published last year by the ND Women’s players, who were apparently very excited to show off their expertise with the “special effects” buttons on their webcam. A couple concerns with this one:

1. Who sang the “ooooh” sample they use at the start? My guess: Devereaux Peters. [sidenote on the link: Skylar’s really got a set of pipes! What is she not good at? But Dev’s bit is just classic.]

2. Where is Skylar Diggins? Her absence is glaring, but luckily our girl Natalie Achonwa provides the star power this one needs to compete with “the Dougie” and our absolute favorite: “The Cat Daddy”

note: turn off HD so it doesn’t lag if your computer is slow

Natalie Achonwa: Olympic Bound

ND Women’s basketball player Natalie Achonwa is headed to the Olympics as representative of the Canadian national Team.

Natalie is an awesome person who is very well grounded in her values. She resided in Cavanaugh Hall and  actually talked to me  last year. A pretty big deal for this nerdy engineer. Ace, as she is known to her teammates in South Bend, is pumped for the opportunity to play for her country. Good Luck Natalie from all the Irish Nation.  I hope you can grab the silver medal losing to the USA. haha

Report: Lebron James was offered a Notre Dame football scholarship

It’s no secret that NBA star Lebron James is arguably the most freakishly athletic human ever to walk the face of the Earth. At 6’9”, weighing 250 lbs of pure muscle, he is among both the strongest and fastest players, not only in the NBA, but in all of sports.

With his insane athletic ability, it’s no surprise that as a high school football player, he annihilated his competition in similar fashion to the unfortunate souls whom he dunks on in basketball (*ahem* John Lucas III), making first team All-State in his sophomore and junior years.

Apparently, the Notre Dame coaching staff was well aware of Lebron’s unparalleled ability, as CBS Sports reported earlier today that Urban Meyer (or as he’s better known to Irish fans, Satan) offered him a scholarship to Notre Dame when James was in high school:

“I offered him a scholarship when he was a sophomore in high school at St. Vincent St. Mary’s,” Meyer said. “I was at Notre Dame. He was a receiver, and I was a receiver’s coach.”

I refuse to give Meyer any credit here in the talent scouting department because, I mean, come on. LOOK at Lebron. You think he maybe could have been good at football? Yeah, me too.

Just think of the possibilities! I mean, he was at a Catholic high school! What if he had played both football and basketball for the Irish? We could have turned both programs around completely with Lebron as our only notable talent.

Unfortunately, the above video claims that before he chose basketball, he narrowed his choices to Miami, USC, Michigan, and Ohio State. Could he have picked 4 more despicable so-called learning institutions? Just as Lebron was winning me over, I find this out…

Go to hell. You too, Urban Meyer.

[*thinks a moment*]

Especially you, Urban Meyer.

NBA Preseason Game to be played at Notre Dame, Ben Hansbrough tries out in front of home crowd

Danny Granger’s Pacers will take on the injury-stricken Chicago Bulls in the Purcell Pavilion Oct. 26

The South Bend Tribune reported yesterday that the Chicago Bulls have scheduled their final preseason game to be held in Notre Dame’s Purcell Pavilion this October against the Indiana Pacers. The partnership between the Bulls and Notre Dame is largely due to the influence of former Bulls player and current Bulls VP of Basketball Ops, John Paxson, who was an All-American at ND in the early 80’s.

Paxson went on to win 3 consecutive NBA titles (’91-’93) with Michael Jordan’s Bulls

To say that I like the NBA is like saying that Lindsay Lohan likes cocaine. I could not be more excited about this, or more devastated that it comes on the weekend that I may be travelling with the band to the ND vs. Oklahoma game at OU. Decisions, decisions.

What may make this game particularly interesting to Irish fans is that former ND star Ben Hansbrough was recently given a tryout by the Pacers, for whom his brother, Tyler, already plays. (The Hansbroughs are another classic case of Notre Dame getting the worse brother – see Luke Zeller) If Hansbrough can make it through summer league and the first couple preseason games without being cut, he may be playing for an NBA contract on his old home floor.

Former Notre Dame star, Ben Hansbrough, would join only 4 other Irish players currently in the NBA

On the other hand, if the former Irish guard gets cut before this game occurs, it will be so delightfully awkward I still can hardly wait. Because you know Ben’s still going to be at the game to cheer on Tyler at Ben’s alma mater. He has to…right? In any case, we wish Ben Hansbrough the best of luck