Michigan week: Fired up

So as one or more of you may kno, this week is Michigan week. So in honor of this, we are trying to get ND fans excited for this game. Our fellow Domer D’Montayne wrote a song to get all the ND fans out there excited. If that doesn’t work then another video might fulfill your appetite.

Happy to have a fellow Domer trying to get the word out that we are good again.

As if that wasn’t enough for you, another pump up video has been found…. prepare yourself.

AHHHH!!!!! Get Ready. BEAT MICHIGAN!!!!


Video: Get Amped!

Not to be outdone by my colleague who doesn’t have class to attend. I searched and found another video, not as long but just as hype. This weekend is going to be out of control. Fighting Irish Dr is gonna be packed early and all weekend. Get ready everybody!


This Just in the Cubs Suck: Samardzija is ok

As the Cubs languish in 2nd to last and the W flag remains unused for weeks at a time. Cubs fans can be happy about the fact that ND stud Jeff Samardzija is actually doing ok. Being a Nationals fan I am ecstatic about the current season but in South Bend there are quite a few Cub fans. I’m sorry for that. Samardzija is leading the team in WHIP and second in Wins with 8, that is half of the league leaders. Ouch. BUT a huge bonus for Jeff is that he is among the league leaders in flow.

Anyways, in your face Cubs fans. Hope Theo can GM his way out of another curse, but only after the Nationals win a couple.

Cierre Wood Suspended… well that sucks

So today many people including the critically acclaimed Bleacher Report have mentioned that Cierre Wood is not making the trip to Ireland. $***. For those of you that don’t follow football. He’s good. Somehow both writers of this blog are making it to the game and the starting running back is not. I guess that gives him a little more time to work on his rap career. So basically putting our hopes  and dreams into Everett Golson and Tyler Eifert. Eifert is a thug… in a good way and will most likely run over the undersized midshipmen and carry four or five into the endzone on every play. Manti and the defense has to step it up as Lo Wood is also out.

Notre Dame has NO WOOD!!

PS Justin Utupo is also suspended… both violated team rules

Tommy Rees pleads guilty: Some suggestions for his community service…

After being arrested as he fled a party in May, Tommy Rees was scheduled to appear in court on July 24th. However, on Monday (July 23rd), a suited-up Rees walked into a confused courtroom to make his plea a day early. He claims that his lawyer told him the wrong date, and we won’t dwell on it (didn’t it seem weird that his lawyer wasn’t there?)… just chalk it up as a classic Rees miscue.


In any case, Rees pleaded guilty to two charges (minor consumption and resisting arrest), both misdemeanors, and was sentenced to 330 days of probation and 50 hours of community service. He will also be forced to write an apologetic letter to the officer he kneed as he fled. However, we’re most interested in how Tommy Rees will serve his 50 hours of community service. SBPD may already have some ideas, but we nonetheless took the liberty of crafting a list of possible tasks for Mr. Rees:

  1. Standing guard at the Goog in case Gary Gray tries to pick up an application for a 5th year – he does have 1 year of eligibility left… *shudders*
  2. Help clean up the destruction at the old site of Club 23
  3. Watch his game film with Jon Gruden (it was painful for me the first time, I can’t imagine watching it with Gruden trashing you the whole time)
  4. Sober chauffeur for the rest of the football team (and personal DD for Michael Floyd when he’s in town)
  5. Moderate disputes at room picks for every girls dorm on campus.
  6. Star in the next commercial for Club Landing, South Bend’s premiere club for middle-aged women
  7. Live in Zahm
  8. Live in Carroll (Edit: suggestion retracted – even Tommy doesn’t deserve this. He’s not Jerry Sandusky)
  9. Be featured on SportsCenter defending Lou Holtz’s inevitable prediction of 12-0, national champs, against Mark May.
  10. RIDE THE BENCH. 12 games, ~3hrs each =36hrs. That means he can sit out every game this season and still have time left over. Please, Tommy. Please.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment – we’d love to hear them.

Natalie Achonwa: Olympic Bound

ND Women’s basketball player Natalie Achonwa is headed to the Olympics as representative of the Canadian national Team.

Natalie is an awesome person who is very well grounded in her values. She resided in Cavanaugh Hall and  actually talked to me  last year. A pretty big deal for this nerdy engineer. Ace, as she is known to her teammates in South Bend, is pumped for the opportunity to play for her country. Good Luck Natalie from all the Irish Nation.  I hope you can grab the silver medal losing to the USA. haha

Binge Song: Ai Se Eu Te Pego

This song and dance is amazing. If you don’t believe me, 400 million of my friends on youtube would beg to differ.

Hockey City Classic: Cool and Literally Freezing

So the trend of having an outdoor hockey game is extending to the Irish. The NHL famously has The Winter Classic, pitting two good teams with awesome sweaters against one another in a huge stadium on a crisp winter afternoon. Bringing players back to their pond hockey roots.

On February 17th the Irish will face Miami in Soldier Field. The second time this will happen this academic year. To be honest I didn’t think people went to Miami to play hockey… Oh ND will be playing Miami, Ohio…. that makes sense.

The Hockey City Classic, as the event is being named is a doubleheader with the Irish facing Miami OHIO in one game and Wisconsin taking on Minnesota. Anyway. I’m pumped and even though it will be cold, it will be awesome to see the Irish outside and the atmosphere will be incredible.

Capitals draft ND Hockey Players

So the hockey draft is a rather boring process, the kids wont be playing in the NHL for a couple years. It’s not as bad as MLB but not as good as the NFL and the first 5 picks of the NBA (Don’t tell nryan3 I said that). BUT that does not prevent me from writing a post about it even if it is months later.  The reason is simple, hometown bias combined with love of ND. Is it possible to mesh these two?


IT IS! Much to my satisfaction the Capitals selected not one but two Irish players in the draft. Now I get to watch future stars of the nation’s capital play in a beautiful training facility in South Bend.

The First Irish player to be selected was Thomas DiPaulini.

Oops! He’s so good that he hasn’t even laced up for the Irish yet. Plus look at those puck skills. Can’t wait to see him smoke some fools for the Domers.

Just six picks later Austin Wuthrich was taken.

Austin had 7 goals and 10 assists last year for the Irish plus he doesn’t mind being a tough guy and heading to the sin bin if necessary. Just a great day for an Irish hockey and Washington Capitals fan.

P.S mad amounts of pictures were used in this post, I am ashamed

Inaugural Tweet: Stephon Tuitt!

stephon tuitt  stephon tuitt‏@DOCnation_7

“I’m not ever wearing yellow again them beez be lurking”

This tweet is just a gem, a truth about the dangers associated with clothing color choice.

To see original tweet: https://twitter.com/DOCnation_7/status/223447491725635585