Video: ND Coaches ask boosters to stop contacting recruits

Other than how far apart hockey coach Jeff Jackson’s eyes are, I have only one takeaway from this video: ND boosters have been contacting recruits. YES!!!!!!! If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past several years, its that programs with good boosters (USC, Ohio State, the entire SEC) tend to be in championship contention. And there’s a simple explanation: having good boosters is how you get great players. Mike Brey is saying this because he has to give the appearance of not wanting boosters, but we know better. All the best basketball players are only in the NCAA for one year, so they go where they’ll have the most fun, and boosters are a part of that. Saints like Manti Te’o are few and far between. You must have noticed Brian Kelly’s absence from the video: you know he likes the boosters. I give all ND boosters the offical Rockne’s Ramlers stamp of approval. Just don’t get caught – which shouldn’t be so hard if the SEC alums can pull it off, right? Go Irish.


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