Report: Notre Dame working on securing long-term Orange Bowl slot

Who would suspect this man of being a diabolical genius?

Earlier this month, the ACC agreed to a 12-year tie-in with the Orange Bowl. The contract ensures that the ACC league champion will be guaranteed a slot on one of college football’s biggest stages (unless they make the 4-team playoff, in which case the runner-up will go, and so forth). However, as of now, there is not a 2nd conference “tied-in” to the other Orange Bowl slot, giving Jack “the Godfather” Swarbrick the perfect opportunity to manipulate the BCS in Notre Dame’s favor.

Last week, Notre Dame officials confirmed that they were engaged in talks regarding a tie-in to the Orange Bowl. Such a provision would mean that if Notre Dame finished with a good enough record/ranking (depending on the deal), but did not make the 4-team playoff, the Irish would be guaranteed a slot in the Orange Bowl. Orange Bowl officials are obviously open to the idea as they salivate at the TV ratings that come with the Irish fan base, but the deal could also be a huge win for ND’s program. I would love to see the Irish facing the same conference every (successful) year, rather than bouncing around from bowl to bowl like in past years.

Please send the band to Miami. I’m gonna need a break from the South Bend winter.

It should be noted that the entire Big East CONFERENCE, one of the major college football leagues, does not have an automatic tie-in to  one of the 4 huge BCS games. But, of course, Notre Dame is working on having its own, personal tie-in. I love it. Swarbrick seems to have the entire NCAA in his back pocket, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. If this deal materializes, it will only give Irish-haters more ammo, but they’re just jealous that they don’t have Mac-Daddy Swarbrick on their team. Bring it on. Orange Bowl, here we (hopefully) come!


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