Capitals draft ND Hockey Players

So the hockey draft is a rather boring process, the kids wont be playing in the NHL for a couple years. It’s not as bad as MLB but not as good as the NFL and the first 5 picks of the NBA (Don’t tell nryan3 I said that). BUT that does not prevent me from writing a post about it even if it is months later.  The reason is simple, hometown bias combined with love of ND. Is it possible to mesh these two?


IT IS! Much to my satisfaction the Capitals selected not one but two Irish players in the draft. Now I get to watch future stars of the nation’s capital play in a beautiful training facility in South Bend.

The First Irish player to be selected was Thomas DiPaulini.

Oops! He’s so good that he hasn’t even laced up for the Irish yet. Plus look at those puck skills. Can’t wait to see him smoke some fools for the Domers.

Just six picks later Austin Wuthrich was taken.

Austin had 7 goals and 10 assists last year for the Irish plus he doesn’t mind being a tough guy and heading to the sin bin if necessary. Just a great day for an Irish hockey and Washington Capitals fan.

P.S mad amounts of pictures were used in this post, I am ashamed


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