NBA Preseason Game to be played at Notre Dame, Ben Hansbrough tries out in front of home crowd

Danny Granger’s Pacers will take on the injury-stricken Chicago Bulls in the Purcell Pavilion Oct. 26

The South Bend Tribune reported yesterday that the Chicago Bulls have scheduled their final preseason game to be held in Notre Dame’s Purcell Pavilion this October against the Indiana Pacers. The partnership between the Bulls and Notre Dame is largely due to the influence of former Bulls player and current Bulls VP of Basketball Ops, John Paxson, who was an All-American at ND in the early 80’s.

Paxson went on to win 3 consecutive NBA titles (’91-’93) with Michael Jordan’s Bulls

To say that I like the NBA is like saying that Lindsay Lohan likes cocaine. I could not be more excited about this, or more devastated that it comes on the weekend that I may be travelling with the band to the ND vs. Oklahoma game at OU. Decisions, decisions.

What may make this game particularly interesting to Irish fans is that former ND star Ben Hansbrough was recently given a tryout by the Pacers, for whom his brother, Tyler, already plays. (The Hansbroughs are another classic case of Notre Dame getting the worse brother – see Luke Zeller) If Hansbrough can make it through summer league and the first couple preseason games without being cut, he may be playing for an NBA contract on his old home floor.

Former Notre Dame star, Ben Hansbrough, would join only 4 other Irish players currently in the NBA

On the other hand, if the former Irish guard gets cut before this game occurs, it will be so delightfully awkward I still can hardly wait. Because you know Ben’s still going to be at the game to cheer on Tyler at Ben’s alma mater. He has to…right? In any case, we wish Ben Hansbrough the best of luck


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